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You asked, and we answered! Frequently Asked Questions about everything SUBWAY®: the brand, our restaurants, and beyond.

1. Who founded the SUBWAY® restaurants? When and where did the first restaurant open?

In 1965, SUBWAY® restaurants was founded by 17 year-old high school graduate Fred DeLuca, along with family friend Dr. Peter Buck. The first restaurant opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA in 1965 and was called Pete’s Super Submarines. The first franchised SUBWAY® unit opened in Wallingford, Connecticut.

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2. Where is the company headquarters?

The company headquarters is located in Milford, Connecticut, with additional regional and country offices, employing about 1,000 people in total. Worldwide, its franchisees provide more than 300,000 jobs in the communities where they are located.

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3. Can I buy stock in SUBWAY®?

No, DAI is a privately held company and is not traded on any stock exchange. Each franchise is individually owned and operated.

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4. Who is Jared? Is he a real person?

Jared “The Subway Guy” lost 245 lbs. with his own SUBWAY diet for almost a year: he had a 6 inch SUBWAY® turkey sub for lunch and a foot-long Veggie Delite® sub for dinner.* His story came to our attention after Men’s Health Magazine featured his incredible weight loss success story.

Since then, Jared’s story has inspired many others to follow his lead. Today, Jared stays busy as a SUBWAY® spokesperson, traveling throughout the US and Canada, making public appearances and doing interviews for television, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

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5. What are the goals of SUBWAY® restaurants for the future?

Our goal is to be ranked the number one Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) worldwide while maintaining the great-tasting freshness of our products that is our trademark.

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6. Can I open a franchise?

Yes- we’d love to have you join the Subway Team! Currently, there are more than 37,000 SUBWAY® franchises in 99 countries and territories worldwide. A SUBWAY® franchise gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to provide a known product from an established brand with a proven operating system already in place. The Own a Franchise section has information on how to open your own SUBWAY® store.

For a daily franchise count update, visit the home page at

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7. Where can I find nutrition facts for the food served at SUBWAY® restaurants?

The SUBWAY® brand makes it easy to choose the perfect meal for you, with nutrition information located right in our restaurants. Additionally, you can access all nutrition information for the entire menu on our Nutrition Section, which include downloadable Nutrition Data Tables (PDF), Allergy & Ingredient Info (PDF) and a Product Ingredients Guide (PDF). With a wide array of healthy sandwiches, salads, and sides on the SUBWAY® menu, it’s easy to create the perfect meal for you and your entire family.

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8. What is the SUBWAY® brand’s most popular sandwich?

Ranking at the top of the favorites list are the Italian B.M.T®, Tuna, and the Subway Club®. Fresh Toasted favorites include Meatball Marinara, the Chicken & Bacon Ranch, and our Subway Melt® subs. Jared Fogle’s favorite SUBWAY® sandwich is the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub- especially when it’s toasted!

Our sandwiches are so popular, the SUBWAY® brand serves nearly 2,800 sandwiches and salads every minute! In fact, all of the sandwiches made by SUBWAY® restaurants in a year, placed end to end, would wrap around the Earth over six times. That’s a lot of sandwiches!

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9. What does B.M.T stand for?

The acronym B.M.T® stands for Biggest, Meatiest, and Tastiest. In the early days of SUBWAY® restaurants, it was a promotion that was based on the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit system in New York City that went along with the subway theme.

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10. Can I customize my sandwich?

Yes! Your friendly sandwich artist will make your freshly made sandwich however you want it. In fact, there are over 2 million sandwich varieties available from our menu choices, so you can have your SUBWAY® sandwich with any combination of ingredients we offer. Consider those varieties as 2 million delicious sandwiches—all with your name on them.

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11. How does the SUBWAY® brand ensure food safety in its restaurants?

All SUBWAY® restaurants follow our “Gold Standard” policies regarding prepared food and produce manufacturing and inspection specifications. All franchises are provided with information on proper food handling procedures in order to properly train their crew members.

Food is prepared fresh daily and temperatures are monitored regularly. Gloves are required to be worn during all food handling procedures.

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12. Does the SUBWAY® brand offer any products specifically for kids?

Yes! At SUBWAY®, we don’t just make the best sandwiches that only adults will love. Our SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS™ meals are great for those smaller stomachs: a freshly made sandwich on a Mini Sub Roll, a SUBWAY FRESH FIT™ side choice of either sliced apples, and a drink choice of 1% low-fat white milk, or a 100% juice box. And who can forget the toy. Children need not be present at the time of purchase.

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13. Are SUBWAY® restaurants involved with any civic or charitable organizations?

The SUBWAY® brand is involved with various civic, educational, and charitable organizations such as the United Way, March of Dimes®, Habitat for Humanity, and Junior Achievement. The SUBWAY® brand also partners with the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross on initiatives such as sodium reduction to make our healthy menu options even healthier.

On a local basis, SUBWAY® franchisees are involved with countless schools, religious and community organizations. For more specific information regarding your town or state, inquire at your neighborhood SUBWAY® restaurant.

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14. Can SUBWAY® restaurants accommodate my disability?

All SUBWAY® restaurants are in compliance with disability and accommodation requirements specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For more information about ADA guidelines, visit

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15. Can the SUBWAY® menu accommodate my special dietary needs?

Although the SUBWAY® brand maintains the same menu worldwide, menus do change in order to accommodate the different dietary needs of consumers and adapts where appropriate. For instance, in India, where the population is largely Hindu and does not eat beef, or Muslim and does not eat pork, these ingredients are substituted with chicken, lamb, or turkey. And because SUBWAY® sandwiches are fresh and made to order, customers can add or eliminate ingredients based on their own dietary needs.

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16. I'm a student and writing a report about SUBWAY®. Where can I find more information??

Become a SUBWAY® wiz by checking out our SUBWAY® Student Guide (PDF), full of information about the history of the brand, facts and figures, how we operate, and where we’re going. You’ll be sure to get an A+.

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