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SUBWAY Nutritionist Lanette Kovachi

Lanette Kovachi’s Nutrition Tips

Lanette Kovachi, Corporate Dietitian

Lanette has served as the Corporate Dietitian for the SUBWAY® brand for eight years. In this important role, she oversees the nutritional information for all SUBWAY® menu items and advises the Headquarters team on nutrition and health related issues.

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The Commit to Fit Lifestyle: Tips From Hélène Charlebois

Hélène Charlebois, Registered Dietitian Nutrition Consultant

As a registered dietitian and the founder of HC Nutrition, Hélène has more than 26 years of experience working with individuals and organizations to help them enjoy healthy lifestyles and make great food choices. Hélène has partnered with SUBWAY® restaurants to help inspire and educate our fans and customers on living their best Commit to Fit lifestyles.

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The SUBWAY® brand understands the importance of offering a variety of nutritious options and providing access to complete nutritional information for our customers.