Subway Restaurants Donation Request - Basic Donation Requirements
Thank you for your interest in Subway® Restaurants. Donations will be considered for recognized 501c3 (Charity) or educational institutions in the United States and Canada only. (No cash donations).  *Indicates required information

* Please select the country your organization is located in:

  United States 

*Date of Event   (Please note we cannot process a request for an event that is less than 30 days from today's date.)


*Type of Program:

  501c3 Charitable     Tax ID# 
  Educational and/or Community Event

 Community Outreach

If Other is selected please describe: 

*Organization Name

Organization Coordinator Contact Information:

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  Sandwich Donation For how many people?   
  Snack/Beverage Donation For how many people?   
  Gift Cards/Door Prize/Other
$ Gift Card Amount
   Gift Card Quantity
 SUBWAY® Branded T-Shirts
 SUBWAY® Branded Key Chains
 Nutrition Brochure
If Other is selected please describe:   

We are able to offer SUBWAY® Restaurants the following for their participation:

 Signage at Event
 Ad in Event Program
 Advertising/Media Support
 Display Area
 Coupon Distribution to Attendees
 Sampling Area
If Other is selected please describe:   

Event Details:

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*Event Location: 
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*Event Suite/Floor: 
*Event City: 
*Event State: 
  Check this box if your event is in Connecticut's Greater New Haven Area.
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Event Specifics:

*Expected number of people attending the event: 
*Expected Reach: Specify all the Counties and/or States this event will be advertised in:
*Brief description of the event & why SUBWAY® Restaurants would be an appropriate partner:
(Up to 500 charatcers)