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Lanette's Nutrition Tips

Lanette Kovachi’s Nutrition Tips

Lanette has served as the Corporate Dietitian for the SUBWAY® brand since 2000. In this important role, she oversees the nutritional information for all SUBWAY® menu items and advises the Headquarters team on nutrition and health related issues.

The PTI Buzz

Fitness Tips from Carol Kur

Carol Kur, MS. RD., is the Co-founder of the Personal Training Institute. She has been using her extensive knowledge of diet, weight management, nutrition and exercise to assist people in attaining their personal fitness and weight loss goals for more than 28 years.

JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin’s Health Tips

Certified Nutrition Specialist JJ Virgin has worked with athletes, CEO’s and celebrities and serves as the nutritionist for the Dr. Phil Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge. She has nutrition and lifestyle coaching practices in Rancho Mirage, Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas and Beverly Hills.

Nutritional Leadership

Nutritional Leadership

The SUBWAY® brand understands the importance of offering a variety of nutritious options and providing access to complete nutritional information for our customers.

Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition For Kids

Your place to explore our commitment to kids’ health, activity and overall well-being.

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