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You asked, and we answered! Frequently Asked Questions about everything SUBWAY®: the brand, our restaurants, and beyond.

1. How many company owned restaurants do you have?

The company doesn’t own any SUBWAY® restaurants. SUBWAY® is unique in that the restaurants are owned by more than 21,000 franchisees—small business owners who operate their neighborhood SUBWAY® restaurants in more than 100 countries around the world.

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2. Is SUBWAY® a publicly traded company?

No, we are a privately held company and not traded on any stock exchange.

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3. I’ve always thought about owning my own SUBWAY® restaurant — where would I start?

We’d love to have you join our team! You’ll be part of a group of more than 21,000 SUBWAY® franchisees who share your entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s easy to get started - check out the Own A Franchise section and you’ll be on your way to opening your first SUBWAY® restaurant.

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4. I would love to work for SUBWAY®. Where can I explore job opportunities?

From the restaurants to our global offices, there are many ways you can get involved with Team SUBWAY®. To get started, visit our Careers page to see restaurant, regional and Headquarter job openings. Also, check us out on LinkedIn to see more opportunities.

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5. Do you have any incentives for Veterans?

Our franchise fee is waived for any honorably discharged veteran who opens a SUBWAY® restaurant on a government or military installation. The fee is reduced by 50 percent for any veteran opening in any non-military or non-government location if they obtain government-sponsored financing under a program designed specifically for US veterans.

Many veterans have joined our franchisee team, and say opening their own restaurant was a great post-military career choice. Read some of their stories here.

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6. What charities or organizations are you affiliated with?

Nationally, we partner with organizations that share our mission to promote healthy lifestyles for both adults and kids through balanced eating, such as the American Heart Association and The Partnership for a Healthier America. On a local level, SUBWAY® franchisees are active members of their communities, donating thousands of subs each year to schools, kids programs, and charity races and walks.

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7. Can I bring my guide dog into a SUBWAY® restaurant?

All SUBWAY® restaurants allow service animals into the store with their owners and comply with the American Disability Act guidelines. For more information about ADA guidelines, visit

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8. The subs in the commercials don’t look like the one I get in my local SUBWAY® -- why?

The subs are actually the same, we just use some food styling during our commercial shoots to make them look great under all those lights. They have the same amounts of meats, veggies, and toppings- but our Sandwich Artists™ will make it however you like.

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9. Are your Famous Fans just paid spokespeople?

All of our Famous Fans are fans of SUBWAY®. Even before they were Famous Fans, they made SUBWAY® sandwiches a part of their routines. We only align with people who are true SUBWAY® enthusiasts. Check out their favorite subs here.

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10. Is your bread really baked in the restaurant?

Yes! Several times throughout the day, in fact. We’ve been baking bread fresh daily right in the restaurants for over thirty years.

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11. Are all of your sandwiches healthy?

We give you lots of choices when you visit. If you’re looking for a more nutritious option, our eight Fresh Fit™ sandwiches have five grams of fat or less. We have indulgent sandwiches too, if that’s what you’re looking for. You can also ask for any sub as a salad.

You may also not know that we fortified our bread with Calcium and Vitamin D- so when you eat a 6-inch sub, you’re getting the equivalent to a glass of milk. Now, our 9-Grain Wheat has 24 grams of whole grain per 6-inch serving. And when made to standard formula, you’ll get two full servings of veggies.

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12. Where can I see a list of ingredients in your food?

Take a look at our Products and Ingredients Guide. We update this regularly, as we’re continuing to make our products even better.

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13. Where can I find allergen information so I know what to order when I am in a Subway restaurant?

Check out our Allergy and Ingredient info. And as always, our Sandwich Artists™ can make your meal just the way you want it.

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