Home Grown

Home Grown

Nothing excites us more than using Canadian ingredients. Through our partnerships with many Canadian family-run farms, we ensure the quality meat you want is what you get. Our turkey and chicken come from animals raised on Canadian farms, while we source many homegrown produce during local growing seasons. Facts we wear like a badge of honour.

Canadian Grown

Canadian Grown

Homegrown produce is our jam, as we source a variety during peak harvest seasons. Discover where we source and when we harvest on our map.


Cucumbers: All year
Green Peppers: August – October
Leafy Greens: June – October
Tomatoes: August – September
Red Onions: September – May

Green Peppers


Tomatoes: August – September
Red Onions: August – February
Cucumbers: January – November
Green Peppers: July – October


British Columbia

Cucumbers: February – November


Fresh Fact:
Our tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions are all sliced fresh in restaurant daily.

Our turkey and most of our chicken* come from animals raised on Canadian farms.

  • Turkey
  • Chicken

We take the issue of animal welfare seriously and believe the ethical treatment of animals is an essential component of our commitment to responsible sourcing. We will continue to evaluate emerging and evolving systems and practices to advance long-term improvements in animal welfare throughout our global supply chain in alignment with the Subway Global Animal Welfare Policy.

*All of our chicken products come from animals raised on Canadian farms, save for the Crispy Chicken.

Committed to Quality

Committed to Quality

Bettering ourselves starts with our menu. Check out how we’ve improved over the years.


All of your nutrition information is made available online


8 sandwiches offered have less than 6 grams of fat


Removed all trans fats from our menu


Sodium reduction initiative begins


No high-fructose corn syrup in all Subway® products


All breads contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives


Turkey, roast beef, meatballs, chicken and shaved steak are free of artificial colours and flavours


Goal for all of our meats to come from 100% Canadian farm-raised animals

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Community Driven

We are committed to supporting our community, being responsible partners, and giving back.

Never Miss Lunch - Helping feed kids in our communities.


For helping us ensure that kids across Canada never miss lunch.

Thanks to you, the Never Miss LunchTM program and Food Banks Canada’s After the Bell program provided 150,000 food packs to children in need during the summer.