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The largest franchised network of businesses in the UK and Ireland

Since the late Fred DeLuca opened his first submarine sandwich store in Connecticut in 1965, the Subway® brand has grown into a multi-billion dollar business.
Today, Subway® stores are the largest franchised network of businesses in the UK and Ireland, and indeed throughout the world. Each locally owned business employs local people in local communities throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. One of the key strengths behind the success of the brand is the solid support network provided to entrepreneurs; so much so that in most years, 70% of new stores are established by existing franchisees. Across the UK and Ireland we have a network of 22 regional offices. Development Agents, along with their development teams and field staff, are on hand to offer advice, support and guidance throughout the process of becoming a franchisee.
The Subway® franchise network continues to have ambitious expansion plans in the UK and Ireland, and we are actively seeking new franchisees to become part of our success story. We have just opened our 2,500th store in the UK and Ireland and we are aiming to reach 3,000 stores by 2020.

Brand Revitalisation

Continual investment in research and development is the lifeblood of the Subway® brand as a company:

  • Developing new products
  • Revamping our restaurants
  • New technology platforms
This is the execution side of meeting our customer expectations. As such, we are always looking at everything from the top to the bottom – from the décor, to every ingredient, to the customer experience. From 2017, the Subway® brand is making a major investment in realigning our business. Part of this is the introduction of a new visual identity which is a bold, vibrant update to the brand. Suzanne Greco, President and CEO of the Subway® brand, said:

The Subway® brand is recognised throughout the world and this new look reinforces our commitment to staying fresh and forward-thinking, with a design that is clear and confident without losing sight of our heritage.

The new minimalist logo and symbol is the first time the brand mark has seen any change in 15 years. The brand mark is now without its italic identity, making it stand stronger and bolder.

The creative and design team introduced a new lock-up symbol which shows the newly featured arrows – one green, one yellow – curved to form a large graphic “S” shape. The roll out started in 2017 and customers will increasingly experience the new brand identity and décor as franchisees update and refurbish their stores.

The “Fresh Forward” store décor was first introduced in the UK and Ireland at a store in Manchester Piccadilly. New packaging has been introduced and over time, all stores will be refurbished. We hope our fresher and brighter stores enhance the customer experience and in doing so, we hope that this also drives new sales for Subway® franchisees.

Our Customer Service team receives questions everyday from people like you all around the world. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular ones – perhaps these might have some of the answers you are looking for.

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