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Charity Partnerships


The Subway® brand has partnered with Heart Research UK since 2009, endorsing customers’ choice for a low fat sub. Heart Research UK is a visionary charity that has been helping hearts around the UK since 1967. It funds ground-breaking medical research that benefits patients as soon as possible, as well as innovative community-based lifestyle projects that help people live healthier, happier and longer lives.

Sports Partnerships


New three year partnership

Subway® stores are proud to announce a groundbreaking new partnership with the NFL London Games having secured the position of Presenting Partner in the UK and Ireland over the next three years.

Since 2007, the NFL has been breaking down international barriers by playing regular-season games in the UK. In 2017, and for the next three years, the NFL will stage four games in London for the first time. The Subway® brand have secured the highly sought after position as lead sponsor of the NFL in the UK. Our sponsorship will be integrated across the NFL’s major events and initiatives, including the London Games, NFL Flag Football programme in schools and NFL Live fan events across the UK.

American football/NFL is the biggest sport in the United States with more than 160 million people watching the Super Bowl each year. The NFL is now among the fastest-growing sports in the UK and Ireland. More than 23 million people tuned in throughout 2016/17 and 40,000 people now play the sport in England alone.

As the largest QSR with 2,500 stores in the UK and Ireland, the Subway® brand will bring the NFL experience to a whole new audience through our network of stores, by engaging Sandwich Artists™ and customers in-store as well as via the events and social media.

This exciting new partnership further strengthens the Subway® brand and NFL’s commitment to getting the nation fit and active. Sacha Clark, Marketing Director for the Subway® brand UK and Ireland commented:

“We put guests at the heart of everything we do and are constantly looking for new ways to both enhance their in-store experience and grow what they love about the brand. This partnership does exactly that. The monumental growth of the sport in the UK, plus a close alignment of our CSR values around getting families active, made the NFL a very natural partner and we are all incredibly excited about the relationship ahead of us!”

Fun Facts About Tomatoes

  • Rich in vitamin A & C
  • They have antioxidants like beta carotene
  • Naturally low in sodium and cholesterol
  • Naturally fat free
  • Botanically a fruit, although almost always used like a vegetable
  • Once thought to be poisonous



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