How to order
Click through to see how easy it is to create your favourite Subs! Just choose all the flavours and ingredients your heart desires and get it made the way you want.
You can now choose a tortilla wrap or a classic salad! Take your pick of freshly baked breads, from Italian Herbs & Cheese to 9-Grain Multi-Seed. Then make it a 6-inch or a Footlong.
And don’t be shy about asking for your bread toasted, or for melted cheese and extras like double meat – that could be more spicy pepperoni, tender chicken breast or juicy meatless meatballs.
Get all the sweet, spicy and crunchy veggies you like. We’re talking sliced peppers, red onion, olives, fiery jalapeños and much more.
No Sub (Salad or wrap) is complete without a choice of sauces and those finishing touches. Add even more flavour with our signature Chipotle Southwest sauce or chilli flakes and crispy onion.
Other varieties may be available at your local Subway® restaurant.