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What's in our food

We think every day is an opportunity to improve our ingredients where ever and whenever we can.
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Here we Grow
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"Our family has deep roots in this community and we are dedicated to growing safe, fresh produce..."

James Meeks, Triple M Farms, AR
Red Onions
Dalena Farms

Love red onions? In the local seasons, 100% of Subway® restaurants get them from fresh from this family-owned farm in Central Valley, CA in July & August.

Green Peppers
Eubanks Produce

From mid-May to late June, Subway® restaurants source green bell peppers from this family farm in Lucedale, Mississippi.

Red Tomatoes
Triple M Farms

This fourth-generation family farm provides Subway® restaurants throughout Arkansas with tomatoes and green bell peppers during their local growing season.

Keep It Real
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Our protein
There are no artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors from artificial sources in our roast beef, turkey, rotisserie-style chicken, chicken strips, oven roasted chicken, and meatballs. Our rotisserie-style chicken and chicken strips are from chicken raised without antibiotics.
"It's got to be good enough for our family before we send it out to someone else."
Tim Dunn, President and CEO Dunn Farms, Inc
Vegetable farm
Whole Grains
Our bread
Our artisan flatbread contains 27g of whole grains & 4g of fiber and is made with a blend of whole wheat, fortified flour, ancient grains and flax. Our 9-grain bread contains 4g of fiber (15% DV) and 24g of whole grains. Both are made without any artificial flavors, colors from artificial sources, or high fructose corn syrup.
1 Per the Whole Grain Council, Information based on 6-inch serving size. See details.
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We're not stopping here

To us, there's always room to improve. We'll continue working every day to make things even better whenever we can.
Our Plan


Our salad bowls and catering trays are made with 95% recycled content, diverting the equivalent of more than 238 million plastic bottles from landfills last year alone. Our napkins are made from 100% recycled fiber and are processed chlorine-free. They are printed with soy or water-based inks. We think even these small movements will build to a great impact on the environment.