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With our flexible floor plans, almost any location can have a Subway® restaurant as a partner.
Ways to partner with us
Become a franchise owner
You or your organization would purchase the franchise, build out, staff, and operate the restaurant.
Become our landlord
Lease space to an experienced Subway® franchise owner who will invest, build out, staff, operate the restaurant and pay a monthly rent.
Work with a Food Service Management Company
-The Food Service Management Company (or FSMC) may already be our franchise owner, or we can help it become one.
-The (FSMC) can manage the Subway® restaurant for your facility.
-The (FSMC) can subcontract space to our franchise owner, who will invest in and operate the restaurant.
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Many locations can partner with
Subway® restaurants
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Get creative

We are in many non-traditional sites worldwide, including colleges, airports, hospitals, convenience stores, cinemas, hotels, zoos, casinos, museums, amusement parks and sports arenas...even churches!

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Your site. Our brand.

See how locations from airports to zoos can partner with Subway®, the world’s largest Quick Service Restaurant chain*
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Why Subway?
Globally recognized
We're international leaders in the quick service restaurant industry.
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Why Subway
Subway Kiosks
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Vibrant new look
Our restaurants got a makeover! Think modern, flexible design, with a welcoming customer experience that fits in anywhere.
Our ingredients, your masterpiece
When it comes to freshly made custom sandwiches and more - we started the trend.
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