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About Subway® Real Estate
Subway® Real Estate, LLC, or SRE, has an exclusive contract with the franchisor of the Subway® franchise concept to negotiate leases for franchisees. Landlords and franchisees reap the benefits of brand-name recognition, a proven track record and a complete support system.
SRE, LLC is interested in securing prime locations in your area right now. We're expanding, and there is high demand for suitable sites worldwide. Our flexible floor plans mean we can locate a restaurant within almost any facility. It is in our best interest, as well as yours, that once a site is filled with a Subway® restaurant that it remains a Subway® restaurant.
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Subway® Realty LLC leasing process
1. Proposal

All real estate selections for Subway® restaurants begin with a proposal to a local Development Agent.

2. Lease

The initial draft of the lease for desired locations is sent to a representative of Subway® Realty LLC. for review.

3. Deal

Subway® Realty LLC negotiates provisions with the landlord and arrives at a lease that meets both the landlord's and the tenant's needs.

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