Meet Alara Godbout— a Sandwich Artist® and Subway® Super Fan

Meet Alara Godbout— a Sandwich Artist® and Subway® Super Fan

Sandwich Artist®, Alara Godbout, is a college freshman who loves Subway and has tried almost every sandwich on the menu. So, we invited this super fan to our global headquarters to have lunch and learn more about the brand she loves.

After giving her a quick tour of the campus, snapping a few photos, and having lunch—we sat down to chat about her job as a Sandwich Artist and her plans for the future.

 Alara when she first started as a Sandwich Artist at Subway in 2016.


Alara started working as a Sandwich Artist in Guilford, CT about two years ago, but her love for the brand began long before that.

When Alara was younger, she’d visit her local Subway every week with her grandma—becoming a well-known regular. Years later, one of the Sandwich Artists™ told Alara to apply, saying that she’d be a perfect fit for the job.

Alara got the job and has enjoyed it ever since. Her manager, Kristin Elles, considers Alara a super star, saying, “As soon as Alara started work, she was extremely enthusiastic, energetic and excited to be a part of our Subway team. She brings that enthusiasm with her when she comes to work.”

For Alara, who admits to being a shy person, being face-to-face with guests has helped her come out of her shell. Each day she looks forward to coming to work, saying, “I love making the sandwiches and seeing the smile on people’s faces because I know I did a good job.”

Alara excited about her welcome sign upon arrival.


Outside of Subway, Alara loves teaching and helping others. Unlike most 18-year-olds, she spent her summer volunteering for a program called ESY (Extended School Year) where she taught children with disabilities.

Alara was inspired to volunteer for the program when a friend with disabilities was feeling down about himself. She says, “He was behind on things, and he thought that would define him—and I decided to change that.”

Alara just began her first semester of college where she’s pursuing an Education degree. She hopes to become an Elementary School Teacher one day but says, “I’m keeping an open mind about what grade.”

When it comes to career inspiration, Alara looks up to her mom, who inspires those around her with kindness and respect; “My mom is a great boss for everyone who works for her. She knows how to [get things done] without being demanding. That’s one of the goals for me.” 

After spending the day at headquarters, Alara expressed that working here someday would also be a dream come true. Wherever her future takes her, we have no doubt it’s going to be a bright one.

Fun Facts

  1. The strangest order Alara ever received was on her first day during the lunch rush. She says, “A customer asked me to place each piece of cheese 3 centimeters apart.”
  2. Outside of work, school, and volunteering, Alara loves playing tennis. She’s played for 13 years! 
  3. As a self-proclaimed Subway Super Fan, Alara says; “I have tried almost every single sub we sell and have loved every single one of them. I’m still working my way through the list, but I want to try all the subs.”

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