Our Nutritional Credentials

Our Nutritional Credentials

The reach of our global brand influences communities across the world, so we strive to create menus that allow all our guests to make well–balanced choices that fit their lifestyles and dietary preferences.


Across the board, Subway® is committed to offering guests a range of freshly prepared meals while maintaining high food safety and quality standards. With a Registered Nutritionist as part of the team, we are consistently reviewing new and existing menu options to continue meeting the expectations of our guests. Many of our core products are free of artificial colours and flavours.

While Subway® is well known for its famous Footlong and 6-inch Subs, guests can also choose from a range of menu items including Wraps, SubMelts® and Salads. Evolving our menu with innovative choices, full of flavour, we’re focused on providing great quality food made fresh in store every day.

As part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to provide great tasting food experiences for its guests, Subway® has introduced a whole “new way to Subway®.”

The Signature Series menu, offers two ways to Subway®, by offering guests a choice of specially crafted and mouth-watering ready to order recipes. Guests can also continue to create their own Sub, Wrap or Salad in the usual way. Combining new and improved fresh produce, proteins, and tantalising sauces, some of the Subs, SubMelts®, Wraps and Salads are less than 500 kcal per 6-inch portion, while still being high in protein and low in sugar and saturated fats to suit guest’s dietary needs.

Nutrition Information

The Subway® brand follows the latest nutrition research, government and industry recommendations to satisfy the evolving dietary preferences of our guests and continuously improve the nutritional quality of our ingredients around the world.

We believe in providing complete and accurate nutrition information to provide simple, fact-based, and easy-to-understand information so that our guests can make an informed selection that meets their individual dietary and lifestyle preferences. All nutrition and ingredients information is compiled and reviewed by nutritionists. Nutrition information is also verified routinely by third-party accredited laboratories and suppliers.

You can find the nutrition data tables and allergen information on our Menu Nutrition page.

Kids’ Pack

Subway® works hard to provide its younger guests with well-balanced food choices too. The new Subway® Kids’ Pack consists of a 4-inch Ham, Chicken, Tuna, or Veggie Delite® Sub with a choice of more than eight customisable nutritional fillings including cheese, vegetables and salads, along with a Bear Yo-Yo snack and a choice of drink. The Subway® Kids’ Pack meets the criteria set out by the Salt Targets 2024, with less than 0.1g salt per portion. Each meal is low in fat and saturated fat too, while providing 6-10g of protein and 3g fibre – essential for young growing children.

Each Subway® Kids’ Pack also includes a complimentary packet of vegetable or salad seeds for children to take home and plant! Bringing the meals to life, each pack is comprised of six new characters, called the Salad Squad! Celebrating the best loved vegetables and salads in the business, the Salad Squad features Lou, a fibre-full corn on the cob; Bella the bell pepper; Lola the lettuce; Edmund the onion; and twin tomatoes Rob & Todd. Each Salad Squad member was chosen for their nutritional variety – I.e., a Bella Bell Pepper contains vitamins such as B6 while Rob and Todd Tomatoes are a source of Vitamin C.

Menu Transparency and Labelling

As well as providing our guests with tasty and innovate menu offerings, we always make sure this is aligned to government regulation and initiatives. Our current menu offerings have considered multiple health & nutrition government recommendations and industry initiatives including:

  • HFSS Nutrient Profiling Model
  • Food Standards Agency Salt Targets 2024
  • Increase Veg/Fibre Initiative
  • Eatwell Plate Initiative

In 2023, we kickstarted a number of health and well-being initiatives including:
  • Food Foundation – we signed the Peas Please Veg Pledge to maintain a variety of vegetable & salad offerings on the menu for our guests, while encouraging vegetable consumption.
  • British Nutrition Foundation – With BNF, we’re promoting initiatives like Healthy Eating Week which combines diet, exercise, and hydration as a ‘whole food approach’.
  • Vegetarian Butcher – Our partnership has expanded our plant-based menu offerings for our guests.

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