The Road to Innovation at Subway® Restaurants

Subway® committed to bringing even more food innovation to its restaurants in 2019—and we had a flavor-packed year launching craveworthy menu items and partnering with brands our guests love. Explore the road below to see where we took our guests’ taste buds throughout the last year.

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Meet Sadie—a Supermom and Super Subway® Restaurant Manager

Sadie Rains is a Subway® Restaurant manager and mother of seven. Prior to joining the Subway team, Sadie was a stay-at-home mom for over twenty years while she raised her children.

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Meet John—a Subway® Franchise Owner Who Finds Success Through Teamwork

John Ramthun is a Subway® Franchise Owner and father of three from Westford, Massachusetts who's seen incredible success within just two years of opening his restaurant.

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Would you, could you, try something new? Subway® Restaurants and Netflix invite you to!

Something awesome is cooking and we’ll give you a tip: Green Eggs & Ham on Netflix has come to Subway®, a new partnership!

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Milton smiling next to Subway logo

Meet Milton—a Subway® Manager Who’s Following His Father’s Lead

Milton Jackson is a Subway® Manager from Eastern Connecticut. His father, who Milton is named after, is a Subway Franchise Owner and his biggest inspiration.

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Meet Amira—College Student and Subway® Franchise Owner

Meet Sweden’s newest Subway® Restaurant Owner, Amira Ben Khalifa, who went from Sandwich Artist® to Franchisee in just two years.

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Family Day group

National Family Day is More Than Just a Holiday To These Subway® Families

Family is a key ingredient to the success of Subway® restaurants and this National Family Day we’re honoring the many Subway Business Development Agents (BDA), Franchise Owners, and their families...

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Alara in Subway Tshirt in front of huge Subway "S" Logo.

Meet Alara Godbout— a Sandwich Artist® and Subway® Super Fan

Sandwich Artist®, Alara Godbout, is a college freshman who loves Subway and has tried almost every sandwich on the menu.

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Subway® and Beyond Meat® Team Up to Create a Plant-Based Sub

At Subway®, we're proud to provide our guests with options they can customize to their lifestyle. That's why we're excited to announce that we've partnered with Beyond Meat® to bring an exclusive plant-based protein option to our menu.

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Subway® Headquarters is abuzz…with honeybees!

We’ve got new workers on campus: honeybees! For the last two months, Subway® Headquarters has been the happy new home of two hives with approximately 50,000 bees.

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