Chef Andy Believes the Culinary Life Chooses You

Chef Andy Dismore recently celebrated his first anniversary as Director of Menu Management & Innovation (which means he creates craveworthy new items) at Subway® Restaurants, but before driving innovation for brands, he was an Executive Chef at one of the top restaurants in the world.

While working in fine dining came with a lot of notoriety, it also came with a lot of sacrifices. “I missed the first three years of my oldest daughter’s life, and I realized there had to be something else,” says Andy.

So, he found a new way—discovering he could go beyond the kitchen, taking his knowledge of food and flavor and applying it to brands on a global scale. When asked about what that transition was like, he says, “The coolest thing about that is that in fine dining it’s about what you make. In our world, it’s about why you make it.”

Chef Andy Dismore, Subway® Restaurants

Over the last year at Subway, Andy played a huge role in driving menu innovation; “I’ve waited my entire career for an opportunity like this one. To be part of the transformation of the world’s largest restaurant chain and change the way diners are eating around the world…it’s a tremendous opportunity.”

The thing that motivates Andy the most is moving the brand and members of his team from A to B. He says, “To be able to do everything I can to help them develop, add value to the brand, add value to themselves- is really my biggest motivating factor.”

Chef Andy Dismore (left) and members of his culinary team. Chef Andy Dismore (left) and members of his culinary team. (Photo: Subway)

Reflecting back, Andy feels lucky to have made a career out of something he’s so passionate about; “I believe the culinary profession chooses you. I don’t think you really get to choose it. It’s an art form like anything else.”

Thanks to our chefs, more craveability keeps coming to the menu. Andy’s passion for the artform truly shines through when you look at the culinary team’s most recent menu innovations. Explore our newest items like the new Ciabatta Collection and the Halo Top® Creamery partnership.