Meet John—a Subway® Franchise Owner Who Finds Success Through Teamwork

John Ramthun is a Subway® Franchise Owner and father of three from Westford, Massachusetts who's seen incredible success within just two years of opening his restaurant.

Being a family-oriented person, John has created that same close-knit atmosphere in his restaurant. He believes that getting to know each member of his team on a personal level has resulted in them wanting to come in and work hard every day.


John has always been passionate about business. Before opening his restaurant, he worked for a major aerospace company, where he’d visit a nearby Subway® Restaurant a few times a week for lunch.

John remembers always thinking Subway was a brand he’d want to be a part of, saying, “It’s a strong brand and a strong name that I could put my own flavor and spin on.”

I wanted to create my own niche…to leave something behind for my children and teach them real life skils. John Ramthun, Franchise Owner

In addition to John’s dedication to building a close-knit team, part of his main motivation to open his own restaurant was to spend more time with his family. He says, “I’m a family man. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to open a Subway. I wanted to create my own niche and also show [my children] something they can relate to…to leave something behind for them and teach them real life skills.”

In November 2017, John took the leap to open his own Subway restaurant, and with the growth of his restaurant it’s clear that going his own way has truly paid off.

Grand Opening sign outside of John’s Subway® Restaurant in Westford, MA. The Grand Opening of John’s Subway® Restaurant in Westford, MA.


John’s favorite part of the job is building camaraderie and seeing the excitement in his team’s faces when they reach their goals. As an experienced businessman, John loves teaching and training his team, saying, “Even our best people, you have to help them rise. The greatest of the great continue to train.”

Even our best people, you have to help them rise. The greatest of the great continue to train. John Ramthun, Franchise Owner

John’s leadership style is to always be transparent with his team and be present in the restaurant every day. Within just two years of becoming a Franchise Owner, he increased his restaurant’s sales by an incredible 80%. John motivates his team and gets them excited about reaching higher sales by sharing the numbers, goals, and the bigger business picture with them—even breaking it down by how many sandwiches they should aim to sell per hour.

In turn, he offers up more than just a job; “I tell people, I’m not training you to be the best Sandwich Artist® in the world—I want to make sure that you leave my restaurant [with more life skills] than when you showed up, like critical thinking and integrity.”

John's restaurant manager, Sadie, is proof of the mentorship approach John takes at his restaurant. Sadie who’s been with John since his restaurant opened, transitioned from part-time Sandwich Artist® to full-time, and eventually to Manager. Sadie continuously took on more responsibility, and now she’s a key player in John’s restaurant. He says, “Sadie is amazing to have around. The customers love her. She’s just the ideal person to have behind the counter.”

By working together toward the same common goal, this powerful team has been able to create something truly special.

John's 3 children in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes
  • John’s daughter, who is four years old, thinks her dad owns every Subway restaurant. He says, “She doesn’t understand the concept that I only own one of them.”
  • John is heavily involved in the community. He donates to local events like the local High School Senior Night event, Little League, Booster Club, and more.
  • The strangest order John has ever received is a footlong Steak & Cheese with tuna on top. He says, “I’m always surprised by what people order.”

John has proven that hard work pays off. Are you hungry for success, just like John? Explore Subway careers.

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