Meet Sadie—a Supermom and Super Subway® Restaurant Manager

Sadie Rains is a Subway® Restaurant manager and mother of seven. Prior to joining the Subway team, Sadie was a stay-at-home mom for over twenty years while she raised her children.

Her oldest daughter, who worked as a Sandwich Artist®, inspired her to apply for a part-time position in the restaurant she worked at. What started out as something temporary, gradually turned into Sadie taking on more and more responsibility, and now she’s found a whole new level of confidence as manager of John Ramthun’s Subway® Restaurant in Westford, MA.


Sadie and her daughter, Katie, who also works at Subway®.

Sadie admits it was a huge adjustment to come back to work after the full-time job of raising seven children at home. She says, “I cried all the way into work that first week. It was really hard training and a big adjustment for my family. There were times when I thought maybe I should just quit and go back home.”

After being trained, Sadie hit a turning point; “Once I trained and figured out what I was doing, I was like ‘wow, I can do this.’”

While being a wife and a mom is a very fulfilling part of her life, working at Subway has awoken something else in her. She says, “I had gotten lost in [being a mom] and lost touch with myself. Coming back to work really helped me realize there’s a part of me that’s been dormant for so many years and that I had creativity I hadn’t been able to tap into.”

At work, Sadie gets to take on an entirely different role than she does at home, leading a team and channeling her creativity into food. She’s found an unexpected passion in catering and loves taking on the challenge of a large order.

Finding confidence at work has made Sadie happier and more confident at home. While work obviously comes with challenges, she finds it refreshing to take on something new, saying, “It’s almost like a brain break to have a new focus and new challenge. I can fix all the problems here…I can’t always fix the problems at home.”

Together, Sadie and John share a vision for the future of the business and it’s exciting to see her grow as the restaurant does. 


Sadie working at John Ramthun’s restaurant in Westford, MA.

Sadie’s husband is a business owner himself, and because of this, she took an interest to the management side of the restaurant right away— from learning more about inventory and numbers, to understanding scheduling.

She says John always let her go beyond the role of Sandwich Artist®, saying, “John was always patient with all my questions and open to my ideas. He’s like that. Every staff member that comes in adds something new that continues on.”

The transition from part-time Sandwich Artist® to manager was a gradual one. Before becoming a manager, Sadie had a whole year of experience and had even participated in Subway manager training in Albany, NY.  She says, “I was really grateful that I had a year in the restaurant [before becoming manager], so it wasn’t all brand new. I had a foundation in place already.”

A huge inspiration for Sadie’s management style is John’s positivity and gratefulness. Their restaurant even has a white board where they let the staff pick inspirational quotes.

She says, “John has set a good precedent of just being super grateful. We recognize that [people] could’ve gotten a job somewhere else. Every time I communicate with the staff, I try to express how much I appreciate everything they do.”

When it comes to the dynamic of managing some of her own children, Sadie says she lets them know upfront that it’s going to be hard hard work; “All the ones who have worked here have really enjoyed it. They came in and did very well. Sometimes it’s hard as a parent because you’re not sure how they’re going to be in certain situations. But it’s fun to see them open up in a way I haven’t seen them open up before when they’re interacting with customers and working with the team.”

Sadie and John recognize that when employees are happy, contributing, and working together—the customers are happy. It’s truly is a team effort!

  • Sadie loves music. In fact, she can’t work without it, so she bought a speaker for the restaurant. Now the whole team listens to music together while they work!
  • Sadie’s kids range from ages 8 to 21 and her oldest daughter was recently married. Three of Sadie’s daughters have worked or work at the restaurant with her and her 12-year-old son has already expressed wanting to come join his mom when he turns 16.
  • Sadie’s strangest sandwich order came from a mom ordering for her son. She says, “One time a woman came in and ordered a sandwich and we get to the end and said, ‘I want you to put a gross amount of mayo on’ in an apologetic way.”

Sadie gained a whole new level of confidence from her career at Subway. Are you looking to find a new challenge, just like Sadie? Explore Subway careers.

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