Promote Well being

Promote Well Being

We strive to help our guests live balanced lives, serving up better-for-you-options.
We always Search For Better®.

Our goal is to create menu offerings that help our millions of daily guests meet their lifestyle goals, have balanced choices and enjoy food that tastes good.

We aim to offer a variety of great tasting sandwiches and salads that also offer balanced choices. Over the years, Subway® has always provided better-for-you options to our guests and we remain committed to offering a variety of balanced choices that can fit into any lifestyle.

Subway® recognizes the importance of providing children with a well-balanced meal that includes a variety of food groups. In the U.S., kids meals include a mini sub on multigrain, topped with vegetables, a Musselman’s Unsweetened Applesauce Pouch as a side item and milk or Honest Kids® Fruit Punch for a beverage.

The reach of our global brand influences communities across the world, so we strive to create menus that allow all our guests to make balanced choices that fit their lifestyles."

The Subway® brand follows the latest nutrition research and recommendations to satisfy the evolving dietary priorities of our guests and improve the nutrition quality of our ingredients around the world.

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