National Family Day is More Than Just a Holiday To These Subway® Families

Family is a key ingredient to the success of Subway® restaurants and this National Family Day we’re honoring the many Subway Business Development Agents (BDA), Franchise Owners, and their families for their outstanding achievements and continued dedication to their restaurants, their guests and their communities. Check out these five multi-generational family teams who are proud to be part of the global Subway family.

Left to right: Subway BDAs and Franchise Owners Jesse Grewal, Hardy Grewal, Director of Leasing Shawn Grewal, Subway BDA and Franchise Owner Bob Grewal

The Grewals: A Family Legacy

The Grewal Family of Southern California began their careers with Subway in 1989 when patriarch Hardy Grewal opened his first restaurant. Today, they have more than 30 family members working for the company at some capacity.

The Grewals collectively own more than 50 Subway restaurants and nearly 1,800 others in their territories across the U.S. and Canada.

Hardy’s son, Jesse, and nephew, Bob, grew up in the business helping their parents in the restaurants for years before becoming Franchise Owners and BDAs themselves. Bob says, “there is nothing like working for your family and yourself.” And now, Bob’s 13-year-old son is following in his father’s footsteps, taking an interest in the business and helping out in his restaurants.

To the Grewals, giving back to the community spreads the culture of Subway. Bob says, “We are not a national business, but a local community-built business. Each restaurant is locally owned, and our managers and employees have been part of the community fabric for decades.”

And for Jesse, being generous is simply the right thing to do. He says, “we are blessed to be a part of this brand, and the least we can do is give back.”

One of the proudest moments for the family was when Hardy was able to donate $1MM to his former University in Montreal, Canada. He came to this country with $7, built up a successful business for the whole family, and is now sharing that success with the community.

Left: BDAs and Franchise Owners Chelsie Hammond-Kelly, Greg Hammond, and Tara Hammond-Canfield. Right: Chelsie Hammond and Tara Hammond.

The Hammonds: Growing up at Subway

Greg Hammond, a Subway BDA and Franchise Owner from West Virginia, has overseen the development of Subway restaurants in the territory for more than 30 years. He remembers his daughter Tara’s kindergarten graduation when she announced to the world that she wanted to grow up and become a “Subway Manager.”

Now, as Greg nears retirement, his daughters Tara Hammond-Canfield and Chelsie Hammond-Kelly are becoming the second generation to oversee the territory.  

Chelsie says, “I’ve grown with this brand and the people in it. It’s all I know and love!” And her sister, Tara says she “was basically born into the brand” as well.

For Greg, the transition to retirement will be welcomed, but bittersweet: “the biggest challenge for me is to let go of the ‘dad card.’ They’re very smart and know what they’re doing, but I’ll always be their dad and want to help them along the way.”

Left to right: BDA and Franchise Owner Roger Dalton, Susan Dalton, BDA and Franchise Owner Mark Dalton, Franchise Owner and Field Consultant Jen Saunders.

The Daltons: More Than a Mentor  

The Daltons of Dallas, Texas have been with the Subway family for more than 34 years. In 1985, Roger Dalton opened his first Subway restaurant and it was there that his then 7-year-old son Mark, believed he was part of the team, and would “help” in the back room by unpacking the cups from the boxes. “I would then use the boxes to hide from my sisters!”

Years later, after college, Mark joined the family business as a Franchise Owner and is now a Business Development Agent and partner in The Dalton Family BDA office, which oversees nearly 1,000 restaurants in parts of Texas and Louisiana.

“Working with my dad comes naturally; we have a great personal and professional relationship,” Mark said. “I feel like we have similar attitudes about working hard, having integrity in all things and prioritizing people and the brand above all else.”

Roger also appreciates the working relationship they have and the ability to retire someday, knowing he can depend on his family to keep the business running smoothly.

“I am looking forward to Mark taking over more of the business responsibilities,” Roger said. “He did make me promise before he started that I would not leave the business. I believe, though, that one day he is going to tell me that I should go play golf or go fishing, or something!”

Left to Right: BDAs and Franchise Owners Ryan Pasco, Sue Pasco, Steve Pasco

The Pascos: New Generation, New Ideas

Steve and Sue Pasco bought their first Subway restaurant in Erdington, UK in 1997. Now, they own 17 restaurants and work as BDAs with their son, Ryan.

Steve, who’s been self-employed since the age of 20 had experienced his fair share of ups and downs, saying, “I’ve had my fair share of challenges as an independent business owner.”

But becoming a Subway Franchisee posed an exciting business opportunity that Steve hadn’t experienced on his own; “Being a part of the Subway family means you aren’t alone, but part of a large support group.”

Their son Ryan grew up at Subway, making his first Subway sandwich at the age of 8 and attending conventions with his parents. He felt lucky to have been exposed to the nitty-gritty of the business from very early on and knew he’d want to join his parents someday. “Seeing how hard they worked and the level of respect they have among their teams and peers – the business was really built from the ground up,” said Ryan. “They’ve built (and are still building) their legacy, and now it’s my turn.”

Sue says their proudest moment was seeing him grow up to follow their lead, “to see Ryan learn more about business, becoming a Franchise Owner and then a successful BDA has been amazing. We taught him well, but it is he that has achieved so much.”

Steve says Ryan has brought their business into the 21st century; “he has youth and energy and brings new ideas and new technology to the business, in restaurants with the teams, and the BDA office, which is essential as the business evolves.”

The Heyes: Like Father, like Sons

Paul Heyes has been a Subway Franchise Owner and BDA since 1998 when he helped bring the brand to Ireland with his business partner, Neil Black.

His sons Adam, Scot, and Tristan eventually grew up to follow in their father’s footsteps, becoming Franchise Owners and BDAs themselves. Today, the Heyes family collectively owns more than 30 restaurants in Ireland and the U.K. 

For Paul, being part of the Subway family is a fantastic opportunity to build a business, travel the world, and meet extraordinary people. He says one of his proudest moments in his career was “seeing our three sons join our business and develop into great Franchise Owners and Business Development Agents.”

Adam Heyes, who became a BDA in 2015, says his inspiration is without a doubt his dad and Neil; “they both talk about the satisfaction of helping someone start their own business, and that was a real draw.”

While all the boys followed their dad into Subway business, their sister Alex followed their Mom into psychology. And though not involved in the day-to-day, both Mom and Alex have a shareholding in the business. To Paul, he’s proud to have the whole family involved, saying, “they are very good at what they do, so I suppose the overwhelming feelings are pride and confidence.”

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