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“Slow down, it takes our brain 20 minutes to catch up to our belly and register that we’re full. So the faster we eat, the easier it is to overeat.”

“A healthier lifestyle will transform your body, increase your confidence and rejuvenate your spirit. Isn’t that worth the effort?”

“Goals aren’t a matter of luck. They’re a matter of persistence. Nothing worth achieving happens overnight.”

“Breakfast really is the most important way to start your day. It can decrease your risk of weight gain by as much as 50 percent!”

“Go ahead and indulge in a dessert when you feel like it, but ONLY if you split it with a friend.”

“Attitude makes all the difference. So go into today knowing you can have one of your best days EVER–and you likely will!”

“Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try it, every little bit of exercise helps.”

“Park a little farther from the door and walk a little more. Plan something healthy to fill those afternoon snack attacks. And remember: You’re worth the trouble to plan ahead!”

“Take the time to savor every bite of your meal. You’ll be more satisfied and less tempted to overeat.”

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