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Leaders in nutrition from the beginning

Ever since 17-year-old Fred DeLuca made sandwiches for his first customers in a small storefront sandwich shop in 1965, it was clear that SUBWAY® restaurants would be a new kind of quick service restaurant - a restaurant without a fryer and sandwiches were not pre-made. A restaurant where you could see and choose from a variety of fresh, nourishing ingredients for your sandwich. Over the years the SUBWAY® brand has always provided better choices to our customers and as an established nutritional leader in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry is committed to:

We understand the potential positive health impact of lowering the amount of sodium in the average person consumes. We are committed to reducing the sodium in our products  around the world it in a way that doesn’t change the great flavor of our food.

The SUBWAY® brand has reduced the sodium content of our core menus items in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In the US, an average 28% sodium reduction in low fat sandwiches and an average 15% reduction in all lunch and dinner subs has been achieved over the past three years; meeting the National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI) targets. In Canada these initiatives have resulted in an average 25% sodium reduction in low fat sandwiches and an average 13% reduction in all lunch & dinner subs. In 2008, the sodium content was reduced 25% across all sandwiches in Australian and New Zealand and by 30% in most European countries.

Our goal is to offer a variety of great tasting sandwiches that are lower in calories. Beginning in 2012, none of our core 6” sandwiches will exceed 600 calories and at least 50% of our core 6” sandwiches will be less than 400 calories.


Variety of balanced choices

SUBWAY® restaurants offer the largest variety of nutritionally balanced sandwiches in the QSR industry. In North America and major international markets for example:
  • All 6” sandwiches made to standard recipe contain:
  • Fresh vegetables - equal to two servings in the U.S. and Canada*
  • Essential nutrients Vitamin A & C, calcium and iron (US bread is fortified with Vitamin D as well)
  • No artificial trans fat (partially-hydrogenated oil)
  • Complex carbohydrates and a good source of protein (with the exception of Veggie Delite®) 

    *Based on country specific nutritional guidelines.

  • The 9-grain Wheat or Honey Oat bread is a fiber powerhouse and ups the fiber content of 6"sandwiches to 5 g or 20% of one’s daily fiber needs.
  • At least 8 SUBWAY FRESH FIT® 6” sandwiches are low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.
  • The combination of fiber, complex, carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and vitamins make our low-fat sandwiches ideal for customers looking to make balanced food choices.
  • In the US, many of our 6” subs made on Italian or 9-Grain bread have sensible calorie-content when prepared according to standard recipe.

Did You Know?

  • 4 subs are under 300 calories
  • 7 subs are under 350 calories
  • 11 subs are under 400 calories (That’s more than ½ of our 6” sandwiches)
  • 14 subs are under 500 calories (That’s more 2/3 of our 6” sandwiches)
Our nutritious offerings go beyond sandwiches, and include well-balanced meals too. In 2007, the SUBWAY® brand introduced one of the most nutritious fast food combo meals in the industry.

  • In the US, the SUBWAY FRESH FIT® meal was designed to help meet the American Heart Association’s Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations and is consistent with the USDA dietary guidelines.
  • In the US, the SUBWAY FRESH FIT® meal pairs a low fat sandwich with a "better for you" side such as apples or lite yogurt or baked chips and a sensible beverages such as 100% juice, low fat milk, bottled water or FUZE fresh brewed green tea.
  • Our SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS™ meal, includes a low-fat mini sub, apples for a side and milk for a beverage.
  • Although the menu may vary depending on cultural tastes, customs and religious preferences, sandwiches fewer than 6gm of fat made with fresh vegetables are available in SUBWAY® restaurants around the world.

We Believe in Nutritional Transparency

It is important to us that we provide accurate nutrition and dietary information to our customers so that they can make informed meal choices.

SUBWAY® restaurants offer a variety of great-tasting nutritious options as well as more indulgent items. We believe it is important to provide complete nutrition facts on all menu items so customers can make informed choices.

Providing easy access, detailed nutrition, dietary and healthy lifestyle information has been a priority for many years.

  • 1997: Calorie and fat information for low fat sandwiches printed on napkins, cups, cling, tray liner and menu boards.
  • 1998: Full nutrition facts available on all sandwiches in a detailed brochure and on website.
  • 2001: Complete ingredient and allergen listings available for national core items.
  • 2007: First restaurant system to post calories on hundreds of New York City menu boards.
  • 2010: Nutrition calculator available on web site to provide customized sandwich nutrition data.
  • Useful dietary tips and nutrition education provided throughout the years on the website, the annual SUBWAY® calendar and in brochures.

Committed to Promoting Health & Nutrition

The SUBWAY® brand follows the latest nutrition research and recommendations to satisfy the evolving dietary priorities of our customers and improve the nutrition quality of our ingredients around the world.

Examples of our commitment to improvements include:

  • Completed removal of artificial Trans fat (partially-hydrogenated oil) from menu items worldwide.
  • Fortified the SUBWAY® SEAFOOD SENSATION™ with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Adding important nutrients like calcium and vitamin D into the bread in the US as of April 2011.
  • Added fiber and whole grains to the wheat bread in North America.
  • Reduced sodium of core products in North American including: chicken strips, roast beef, steak, ham, bread and many of the cookies. Sodium reduction work continues on these and other items around the world.
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