Subway® wants to support an active lifestyle and has been sponsoring several sports and athletes over the years. Currently Subway® focuses on supporting football as it brings people from all backgrounds together and offers the joy of working together - whether you're on the field, in the stands or in the maintenance crews.

Football develops teamwork skills and teaches consideration of other people. You succeed on the field when the whole team succeeds. In addition, the sporty lifestyle that belongs to sport guides you towards better choices.

At Subway®, we want to support the realization of these things, from children and young enthusiasts all the way to professional fields.

Subway® Kansallinen Liiga

Subway® is the first comprehensive partner and main sponsor of the women's soccer league called Subway® Kansallinen Liiga. Cooperation started 2020, when the league changed its name from Women's League to Subway® Kansallinen Liiga.

"It's fantastic that a major global player like Subway® recognizes the opportunities that football has for women. Our values ​​are strongly aligned, for example through equality and a courageous, healthy life, and this creates an excellent basis for deep cooperation," says Heidi Pihlaja, development manager of the Football Association.


Since spring 2014, Subway® has sponsored men's main football league in Finland called Veikkausliiga. The goal of the cooperation is a long-term and constantly developing partnership.

The popularity of football in Finland has grown year by year and football is the largest sport in Finland in terms of the number of registered licensed players. Veikkausliiga is also one of the most followed sports leagues in Finland. Ample giant subs or versatile sub trays are suitable for exciting games on the home sofa.

The Stand for Good Taste

Because you can never have too many good things, Subway® Kansallinen Liiga, Veikkausliiga and Subway® decided that football support culture needs more good vibes. We want to bring good taste to an even larger part of the stand, emphasizing all the good things that football fandom represents; joy, excitement and great emotions.

Sportsmanship, equal treatment regardless of background, and genuine encouragement. That's why Subway® launched Hyvän Maun Katsomo (the stand for good taste) in cooperation with Subway® Kansallinen Liiga and Veikkausliiga at the beginning of the 2023 season.

Hyvän Maun Katsomo represents the best moments of football support and promotes a positive support culture by creating a safe atmosphere for football supporters, players and referees with various measures.

Everyone can make the spirit and atmosphere in football good. We encourage everyone to do it with good taste

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