Preserve Our Planet

Our ambition is to reduce environmental impact and preserve our planet’s health.

Sustainable Agriculture

We believe we can work with farmers to improve practices that preserve natural ecosystems and water availability to ensure a healthy farming system globally for generations to come.

Our aim is to ensure our Subway Franchisees have continued access to the key agricultural raw materials necessary to supply growing consumer needs while respecting the environment and communities involved in producing those raw materials. We recognize our challenge involves the need to make farming more productive while caring for farm animals, preserving natural resources, contributing to developing communities, and reducing our environmental impact.

As we continue our journey in Sustainable Agriculture, our agriculture decisions and actions are based upon the following principles. Sustainable Agriculture should:

  • Integrate environmental, social, and economic sustainability within agricultural production.
  • Comply with governmental laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  • Integrate approved and credible science and technology, where applicable.
  • Enable local farming communities to protect and improve their well-being and the environment in which they operate.
  • Optimize the use of resources to improve farm productivity and preserve soil fertility, water and air quality, and biodiversity in agricultural operations.
  • Support increased farm productivity, improving crop and livestock yields and nutritional quality to meet existing and future global business growth.
  • Safeguard the care of farm animals that are an integral part our supply chain.

We've only got one planet, and we're determined to take care of it.

Sustainable Packaging


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