Preserve Our Planet

Preserve Our Planet

Our ambition is to reduce environmental impact and preserve our planet’s health.

Packaging Sustainability

Packaging plays an important role in protecting food quality and enhancing the guest experience. At the same time, we recognize the environmental impacts of material choices and packaging waste.

By designing our packaging with reusability, recyclability and end-of-life as top considerations alongside functionality and food safety, we aim to reduce natural resource consumption and our overall waste stream. We do this through product design, material selection and by supporting increased recovery.

We've only got one planet, and we're determined to take care of it."

An example of Subway’s updated sustainable packaging

As Subway® works to do its part to move towards a more circular economy and reduce packaging waste, we have set the following goals related to packaging in Subway® restaurants:
  • Strive to design 100% of our packaging to be recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.
  • Increase recycled material content in our paper and plastic packaging.
  • In partnership with our franchisees and their supply chain cooperatives, work to increase container recycling rates both in-restaurant and for take-away/delivery.

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