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Subway® Tuna is Real Tuna

That’s right. The truth is, Subway uses wild-caught skipjack tuna regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A favorite among sub lovers, our tuna is and has always been high-quality, premium and 100% real.

We know there’s been a lot of talk on this topic, including misinformation generated in the media, so we created this page to set forth the facts and help clarify any misunderstandings.

Tuna Fact Check


The New York Times reported Subway’s premium, fan-favorite tuna wasn’t actually tuna.


Not true! What actually happened is that the New York Times commissioned a test that couldn’t detect tuna DNA in their sample. According to scientific experts, this is not unusual when testing cooked tuna and it absolutely doesn’t mean the sample that was tested contained zero tuna.


The New York Times test results only show that the type of DNA test done by the unnamed lab wasn’t a reliable way of determining whether the sample was tuna or not. If the test had confirmed the existence of a protein other than tuna, questions could have been raised. However, their “non-detect” conclusion really just means that the test was inadequate in determining what the protein was. In other words, it was a problem with the test, not the tuna.

Still not convinced? Check out USA Today’s independent fact check of the New York Times’ conclusion, which found it lacked important context about the limitations of DNA testing of denatured proteins, and some additional information from food DNA testing firm Applied Food Technologies about why DNA testing isn’t always conclusive in testing processed tuna given the cooking and packaging process breaks down the DNA fragments. The challenge of accurately testing processed tuna DNA has been known for a while, and even studied by scientists.

Subway® Tuna Supply Chain

Subway Tuna Supply Chain, text description link follows.


Subway® sources 100% wild-caught tuna from leading global food suppliers that have a reputation for working diligently with food safety and quality experts to ensure consistent, high-quality products at every stage of the supply chain.


Subway’s North American importers – Jana Brands and Rema Food Group – source wild-caught skipjack tuna from Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, the top tuna-sourcing markets globally.


These suppliers are only allowed to accept whole frozen fish, which comes with a statement from each fishing boat captain affirming the species, catch method, traceability information and more. At the supplier facility, the tuna undergoes rigorous quality and safety control testing. The tuna is then thawed, washed, inspected and sorted based on quality. After washing and precooking, the tuna is then cut and double cleaned before being cooked and packaged for distribution to Subway® restaurants.


Subway® franchisees receive their tuna sealed in pouches for continued quality control and food safety purposes.


Before adding to the sandwich line, Subway® Sandwich Artists ™ mix the tuna with mayonnaise. A fan-favorite, guests enjoy the 100% real tuna the way they like it – with their choice of veggies in a freshly made sandwich, wrap or salad.

NOTICE: SubwayTunaFacts.com was launched to help set forth the facts and clarify any misunderstandings related to the tuna we serve in the US. In all markets, we work only with leading global suppliers who adhere to strict regulations set by local and regional authorities for quality control and food safety purposes throughout the entire supply chain process.

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