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Our newest team member

Growing up in São Paulo, Edson Arantes do Nascimiento never dreamed that he would one day be known around the world as Pelé: The Greatest Fútbol Player Ever. After being discovered at age 11, Pelé played in his first international competition at age 17 and would eventually lead Brazil to three world titles.

Over his professional career, Pelé scored 1,283 goals and assisted on over 1,100 more. Once, he even scored 8 goals in a single game. Upon retiring, Pelé traveled extensively spreading his love for fútbol all over the world. Pelé knows that playing your best means training hard and eating fresh. That's why the world's greatest fútbol player chooses SUBWAY® and is passionate about sharing the importance of nutrition with people all around the globe.

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Favorite SUBWAY® Sandwich: Tuna

Pelé once scored 8 goals in a game.

Pelé and a group of his young fans.

A warm smile from the living legend.

An early photo of Pelé in action.

Pelé shares some tips with future stars.

Pelé and his favorite SUBWAY® sandwich: Tuna.

A scene from Pelé's first SUBWAY® commercial.

A young Pelé takes the field.

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